Raymond the Sparrow
San Diego ukulele pop from June Owatari

"Phenomenal lyrics. I love how your accompaniments leave space for the words to really sink in."

Part pop ("Parasite"), part classic heartbreak ("In the Middle of the Night"), and most of all, a cry for help (every other song), Raymond the Sparrow's I Fail at Everything is a lo-fi and minimalist demo created during the annual songwriting event International Solo Album Month.

The ukulele lends a strange peppiness to her lyrics which often explores the mental and physical symptoms of her depression, including some self-harm. But not all her songs are about depression. In "My Favorite Mug," she writes a tongue-in-cheek letter to past, present, and future roommates, and in bonus track "Then I Puke," she parallels slamming her hand in the door -- and subsequently the nail falling off -- with memories of a long-gone friend.

NaSoAlMo challenged solo artists to write, arrange, and record a minimum of 29 minutes of brand new, original material. I Fail at Everything was a near failure, but June Owatari finished with only a couple of hours to spare.

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